From the Marzal to the Modulor: the perfect success of the Lamborghini Concours d'Élégance, a tribute to Le Corbusier


Seeing the Marzal in person, something that was impossible up to now, getting an up-close view of the most beautiful Miuras, Countachs and Espadas, and discovering models that are little known but magically preserved, such as Jarama, Jalpa, the 350 and 400GT, and the massive LM002, is a truly unique experience. Then if you add exclusive cars like the Veneno Roadster, or splendidly customized specimens like a number of Aventadors, the experience is like dreaming with eyes wide open.

It happened on Sunday in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in view of the lake, following the day before when the colorful procession of cars participating in the first Concours d'Élégance organized officially by Lamborghini, through its Polo Storico, arrived in La Chaux-de-Fonds, birthplace of the great Le Corbusier, to whom the Concours was dedicated.

The awards ceremony, following the rigorous work of the international judges, all renowned for their experience and expertise, culminated with the proclamation of the Best of Show. Facing the large eagerly waiting audience, when official speaker Alain De Cadenet, with a wink, called the vehicles, a little blond-haired boy drove up at the wheel of a small electric Lamborghini, a reproduction of the Murciélago, and casually went up onto the platform in front of the judges! Applause and smiles ensued, anticipating the Best of Show, the green Miura SV owned by Japanese collector Ezio Tomita, who was visibly moved by its success.

But the show was not over yet. There was a “Best of the best”, the one-off Marzal, recovered and perfectly restored. The prize was truly special: a full-scale reproduction of the famous Modulor, the man of ideal proportions created by Le Corbusier as a reference for his building and furniture designs.

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